Regular maintenance is a must to keep your garden healthy, beautiful, smooth and productive. We own a specific team of professionals who can ensure you have this garden. Our Team includes horticulturists who are involved in maintenance services of gardens, parks, offices, floral display service, turf management and park cleaning. These certified professionals deliver Urban Gardening Solutions, modify and maintain rooftop gardens, offices, home garden, etc. We are well experienced in Green walls too, and this is something that can be installed anywhere and create a welcoming environment for staff, clients and customer. Our previous and current experience in Landscape maintenance services delivered to national parks, private sector, hotels and more is a guarantee on our service and quality.

Labroador Nature Maintenance

Some of the landscape maintenance activities are:

  • Tree care & Tree Pruning

  • Turf Maintenance

  • Park Cleaning

  • Hedge and Edge Management